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Jun 16, 2019 · PasteHunter v1.4.2 releases: Scanning pastebin with yara rules by do son · Published June 16, 2019 · Updated December 4, 2020 PasteHunter is a python3 application that is designed to query a collection of sites that host publicly posted data. 722.6 transmission rpm sensor problem
Many people see Gerrit and GitHub as opposites: the pull-request model adopted by GitHub is often used as "easy shortcut" to the more comprehensive and structured code-review process in Gerrit.

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Yara rules for .url tricks that didn't fit in a tweet - gen_URLpersistence.yar ... We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use ...

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Yara - Yet another read aligner. Yara is an exact tool for aligning DNA sequencing reads to reference genomes. Main features: Exhaustive enumeration of sub-optimal end-to-end alignments under the edit...

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YARA-CI may be a useful addition to your toolbelt. This is GitHub application that provides continuous testing for your rules, helping you to identify common mistakes and false positives.

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Custom Yara Scanner serves as an analyzing option in analyzer profile before analysis. 2. There are quite some rules in the above Github link, do we have to upload those Yara rule one by one? If we only can upload Yara rule one by one, then how many rules in total that can be uploaded?

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YARA Signature Match - THOR APT Scanner RULE: ps1_toolkit_Invoke_Mimikatz_RelfectivePEInjection RULE_SET: Livehunt - Hacktools Indicators 🛠 RULE_TYPE: Community 👥

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YARA is a security tool to identify and classify malware samples and often used by malware researchers. Learn how it works in this review.

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5 open source security tools too good to ignore Look to these clever open source tools to keep secrets out of source code, identify malicious files, block malicious processes, and keep endpoints safe

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Apr 28, 2020 · In this tutorial I will show you how to open any Jupiter notebook from GitHub in the Google online Colab area. First, go to the jupyter notebook in GitHub project.

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Oct 30, 2018 · YaraGuardian A django web interface for managing Yara rules. The manager enables users to: * Search for specific rules based on rule characteristics * Categorize and organize rules easily and in bulk * Make bulk edits on desired/filtered rules * Track characteristics of the entire rule repository * Automatically prevent and detect duplicate entries

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